Tammy Williams from Tweed Coast Holidays is a pleasure to deal with, whether you are looking for holiday or permanent accommodation. I have had dealings with Tammy over the last two years and I have always found her to be a delightful young lady with a pleasant disposition and her morals and integrity are of the highest standard. I was in the legal field for over 24 years and I have dealt with numerous Real Estate Agents during that time and also after that, when I owned an International Marketing Business. I have to say that Tammy would be one of the most efficient, responsible and diligent Real Estate Agents I have ever come across. I have pleasure in attesting to Tammy's excellent qualities and would highly recommend her. Dayle Langam - Cotton Beach

Dear Tammy, Thank you so much for taking such good care of our apartment over the past year. As you know we were very anxious about the whole process, but your professionalism has been outstanding and we are very grateful. Kind Regards Craig & Kerrie Hukins - Cotton Beach

We would like to recommend Tammy and Jason at Tweed Coast Holidays, without reservation, for your holiday letting needs on the Tweed Coast. We currently own a two-bedroom unit at Cotton Beach Resort in Casuarina and have done so since we purchased “off the plan” in 2007. Until June 2014, we had our property managed by Colliers International. At that time, we switched to Tweed Coast Holidays. Since then we have been extremely happy, not only with our relationship with Tammy and Jason, but with the improved returns they have generated for us. With Colliers, over the period between January 2012 and June 2014, our unit was available for holiday letting 550 days and it generated $16,650 in returns for us, averaging about $30 per available day. Since then, with Tweed Coast Holidays, it has been available 355 days and has generated $19,930 in returns for an average of $56 per available day. This is an 85% improvement. For an apples-to-apples comparison, Colliers’ best effort over any twelve consecutive months was $7,683 while TCH’s best of $14,786 was an improvement of 92%. Tammy and Jason are very personable and easy to get along with. They respond promptly to our concerns and we always feel that they have our best interests at heart in the decisions they make regarding our property. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Tweed Coast Holidays into the future and expect our results may get even better. Sincerely, Hobe Horton and Helen Morley Calgary, Alberta, Canada

We have owned our apartment at Cotton Beach for a number of years, and thanks to Tammy and Jason, we have finally found a very high standard of management for our apartment. We balance either using the apt ourselves or holiday letting thru Tammy and Jason. We engaged them to care for our apartment a couple of years ago. Finally, we have managers that keep the apt very clean and well maintained, well tenanted and are very reliable and very professional. Deb Small - Brisbane

As an investment I purchased on the beautiful Tweed Coast approximately 5 years ago. I decided to place it on the rental market and after some research appointed Jason Walk and Tammy Williams from Tweed Coast Holidays to manage my investment. I was slightly reluctant to rent this property as Id heard some stories about bad management in the rental sector in the region. Jason and Tammy were new to the area and I thought they would have a fresh approach. Their past experience seemed relevant and I placed my trust in them. They managed my property with such expertise that I stopped traveling from Victoria to conduct random inspections. Their attention to detail regarding maintenance issues and the day to day care of the apartment was impressive. They delivered great value to my investment and were consistent with their monthly reports and rental payments. I moved to the USA in 2014 and continued to have them look after the property. I didn't experience one issue. Not one! I have since sold this property and they offered assistance in some of the processes of the sale due to me living in the US. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jason and Tammy. If you genuinely care about your investment property and want the best outcome without the day to day stresses of managing these complex and time consuming projects, Jason and Tammy are the choice as far as I'm concerned. Thank you Jason and Tammy. I hope to conect with you again one day. Glenys Drayton Glenys Drayton - Vic

FINALLY! my apartment is being managed the way it deserves and should be. I am an original owner at Cotton Beach in Casuarina which spans many years and at no time have I been satisfied with house cleaning services hired by previous property managers - even the employees of the management companies were frustrated with the sub-standard performance and presentation at inflated prices which exacerbated the professionalism in this regard. I knew immediately upon entering my apartment that things were very different. Long story short, this luxury apartment was presented by Tammy and Jason’s company in the same manner one would find in a 5 star hotel - what a relief to know, finally, I have found managers who truly know and perform their business to a highly professional standard. I am very meticulous and it was and is a pleasure (and comforting) to see work done on my behalf in a meticulous manner. I of course have to include, very soon after signing the management agreement, Tammy and Jason began securing reservations on the heels of another company who had not secured a single rental on my behalf in the previous three to four months. If you want, need, and desire high quality, professional, 5 star management - look no further. Sincerely, Yevrah Ornstein Yevrah Ornstein- NZ