To apply for a tenancy simple fill out the form below. Or alternatively click here to download a printable version.

  1. For your application to be processed you must answer all the questions and provide all required documents.
  2. Every person over the age of 18 who will reside at the premises will need to complete an application form, including approved applicants.
  3. Upon acceptance, a deposit equal to one weeks rent will need to be paid to secure the property. This deposit is non refundable. Marketing will continue until this deposit has been paid.
  4. Prior to keys being released two weeks rent and four weeks bond is to be paid.
  5. Tweed Coast Property preferred payment methods include cash to any ANZ Bank, direct debit and credit card.
  6. Routine inspections will be conducted at the six week mark and from then on every three months.
Mandatory Fields are marked with *



Please list all dependants in the following format: "Full Name,Relationship, DOB"
ie - "John Smith, Son, 28/01/1995"





PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE (in case of emergency)


Please provide the below documentation
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You are required to meet 100 points of identification
30 Points 20 Points 10 Points
Drivers Licence
Proof of Age

Proof Of Income
Birth Extract
Current Rental Ledge
Centrelink Card
Previous Lease Agreements
Medicare Card
Bank Statement
Telephone/Electricity/Gas Bill
Vehicle Registration
Employed Self Employed Not Employed
Last TWO payslips Bank Statements
Group Certificate
Tax Returnd
Accountants Letter
Centrelink Statement




We are an independently owned and operated business and are bound by the National Privacy principles. We collect personal information about you in this form to assess your Application for Tenancy. We may need to collect information about you from your previous Lessors or Letting Agents, your Employer and Referees. We will also check if details of Tenancy defaults by you are held on a Tenancy Database. Your consent for us to collect the information is set out below in the Privacy Consent section.


The personal information you provide in this Application or our Agency collects from other sources is necessary for our Agency to verify your identity, to process and evaluate the Application and to manage the Tenancy. If the Application is successful, personal information collected about you in this Application and during the course of your Tenancy, may be disclosed for the purpose for which it was collected to other parties including the Lessor, Referees, other Agents and third party operators of Tenancy Databases. Information already held on Tenancy Databases may also be disclosed to our Agency and/or the Lessor. If you enter into a General Tenancy Agreement and if you fail to comply with your obligations